VKNG MGMT represents and manages emerging and established artists to assist them in the development of their creative and performance careers. We offer comprehensive services to artists including representation, contract negotiation, management, publicity, promotion and accounting. We specialize in innovative and creative marketing to the United States.

Services include:

  • Exclusive and sole management for a negotiable initial term, renewing automatically.
  • Recommend Artist to such persons, firms, corporations, associations and organizations so as to obtain contracts, engagements and/or employment for the Artist.
  • Negotiate, consummate, sign, alter, modify, and/or terminate any and all contracts for Artist’s professional services as a performer in all branches of the entertainment business and in all media of entertainment, and collect and receive monies payable to Artist for Artist’s services and talents.
  • Coordinate publicity and promotion for Artist, including Showcases, Presenter Conferences, emails, newsletters, bulk and other mailings, etc.
  • Budget projection and forecasting; Advise on all accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Deal with the details, leaving the Artist free to CREATE and PERFORM.